VicStrip Square: a 60x60cm slat panel designed for flexibility

VicStrip Square: a 60x60cm slat panel designed for flexibility

Following the success of the innovative acoustic slat panel VicStrip, made with recycled laminated PET, Vicoustic developed a 60x60cm version: the VicStrip Square.

The increasing demand for VicStrip slat panels in 240cm and 270cm has encouraged Vicoustic to offer a new size option: the VicStrip Square, a 60x60cm (23.4''x23.4'') version in the size common to most acoustic panels developed by the brand.

The new size offers greater flexibility, making it possible to combine the VicStrip in different sizes, complete certain surfaces that may not match the original sizes of the panels, and mix the panels in different dispositions or with other square acoustic panels. Being a shorter panel, VicStrip Square is even more flexible to cut and adjust to any setting.

Wood-free Laminated PET

VicStrip Square panels detail photo

Like the original VicStrip, the VicStrip Square is a slat wall panel free of wood and created from sustainable sources. The sound-absorbing material is made of VicPET Wool, a non-woven textile mostly produced from recycled plastic bottles. Not only does it give a second life to disposed of materials, as it is also acoustically enhanced for comfort.

A layer of laminate industrially bonded to the PET allows it to reproduce a pattern that can either be natural wood or black or white matte. Being wood-free, VicStrip is a lightweight, flexible, easy to cut and readjust alternative to common slat panels. It can be easily glued to walls and ceilings, free of metal nails and with joints almost invisible.

Indoor air quality certification

VicStrip Square decorate a wall next to a chair

VicStrip received the Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification issued by SCS Global Services for Building Materials, meaning it conforms to the Air Quality Performance Standard recommended for the school classroom and office scenarios, ideal for green building projects.

The VicStrip line was drawn with the lines of contemporary styling decorative wall panels, for anyone who wishes to provide offices, restaurants, hotels, and homes with a design-embellished solution amid the added value of removing sound reverberation.

VicStrip Square is available in the size 595x595x12mm / 23.4''x23.4''x0.4'' , and six patterns:

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