Hotel Restaurant Be Live

Hotel Restaurant Be Live

A Hotel Restaurant received a full acoustic treatment evolving Custom-Made solutions to match the aesthetic expectation of the client.

This Restaurant in Algarve, Portugal, from the Be Live Hotel Chain, is proof how Custom-Made acoustic solutions can result both acoustically and aesthetically. In this case Custom-Made Flat Panel VMT covering all the walls and suspended ViClouds VMT were considered the best choice.

Overcrowded and noisy Restaurants in hotels can turn a nice family vacation into a stressful experience. Typically, new Restaurants have very hard, reflective surfaces, such as glass, concrete, plasterboard, among others. In such environments, sound is strongly reflected many times around a room’s surfaces taking a long time before it is finally absorbed. This leads to very reverberant rooms.

Consequently, people in such loud environments need to raise their voices above background noise levels to be able to understand each other, consequently increasing background noise. This build-up of sound, also known as the Lombard effect, causes discomfort to everyone, both clients and workers. The best way to change that is to make an acoustic treatment.

This project was developed by our partner Som e Acústica / Online Acoustics For the Restaurante Senhora da Rocha, at Be Live Hotels unit in Algarve.

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