VicStrip innovative slat panels

Wall and ceiling acoustic slat panel with a natural wood strip look

VicStrip is a new innovative approach to slat panels by introducing Laminated VicPET Wool free of wood, making it more sustainable, flexible and lightweight.

VicStrip was drawn with the lines of contemporary styling decorative wall panels, for anyone that wishes to provide offices, restaurants, hotels, and homes with a design embellished solution amid the added value of removing sound reverberation.


VicStrip slat panels specifications (materials and dimensions)

VicStrip is available in two sizes (240 × 59.5 cm / 94.5” × 23.6” and 270 × 59.5 cm / 106.3” × 23.6”), and four wood patterns: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Walnut, and Dark Walnut.

The laminate allows it to have White Matte and Black Matte options, that are available exclusively in the 240x60cm size.

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Only available in certain European countries.
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VicStrip slat panels in Natural Oak installed in a living room
VicStrip slat panels in Brown Oak installed in a open space office

Why VicStrip is the best solution 

  • Free of wood, metal nails and with joints almost invisible
  • Lightweight, making it easy to transport, apply and offering less expensive shipment
  • Sustainable, by being manufactured with VicPET Wool, a material produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles
  • Sound absorption properties to control medium and high frequencies, engineered at Vicoustic research lab for VicPET Wool
  • Humidity resistant with no dust generation during handling
  • Fast and easy to install and maintain
VicStrip os Water Resistant
VicStrip can be used in the Exterior
VicStrip is Light and Low Thickness
VicStrip is Easy to Install

VicStrip Acoustic Performance 

VicStrip Acoustic Performance

One of the added values of VicStrip is its flexibility to be used on curved surfaces.

VicStrip slat panels in Natural Oak applied in a curved wall

Videos about VicStrip 

VicStrip Presentation

VicStrip features and installation

VicStrip Sample Kit

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Only available selected countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands).
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VicStrip vs. Common Wood Slat Panels Comparison 


Common Wood Slat

Weight 2.4 kg/m2; 0.49 lb/ft2 4.0–6.0 kg/m2;
0.74–1.20 lb/ft2
270 cm / 8.9 feet version Some brands.
Flexible in both directions  
Resistant to water  
Can be used outdoors, in SPAs, bathrooms and pools A
Special screws for fixation included
Premium Scratch-resistant Thermal Lamination
Produced in Europe Mostly produced in China, although it might carry a European brand name.
Slim design
Customizable colors B
Good finish on power sockets and light controls  
Back surface without metal nails
No heavy duty woodworking tools required for installation    
Easy to glue on ceiling
Assembly time approx. (minutes/m2) ~ 2 > 10
Produced by specialists in acoustic
A We do not advise the use under direct sunlight. B Under specific requirements.

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Support Documents 

VicStrip Installation Manual


VicStrip Product Info

Product info

VicStrip BIM file


VicStrip Presentation

VicStrip Presentation

VicStrip slat panels in Natural Oak installed in a modern kitchen
VicStrip slat panels in Natural Oak installed in a bathroom