Therapy and Athletics Gymnasium

Therapy and Athletics Gymnasium

KRAFTKAUE Therapie & Athletik physiotherapy facility treated its gymnasium and therapy rooms, showing how VMT acoustic solutions can meet the challenge to create a good atmosphere and printing the brand signage.

The physiotherapy facility KRAFTKAUE in Herten, Germany, offers rehabilitation programs in the form of treatment and training regardless of age, gender, and training experience. In the old wash shop at the Schlägel & Eisen colliery, the owners Ansgar Lastic and Dominik Schulte Sasse have created a space for strength and rehabilitation in trendsetting industrial chic. With the historic building structure, the acoustics were a particular challenge. High, partly open ceilings, tiled walls, and large rooms provided sound and reverberation and offered the staff and patients a restless acoustic atmosphere.

From training gym to therapy rooms

Schallmeister installed the room acoustic elements from Vicoustic in the so-called machine room of KRAFTKAUE, in the training room, and in several therapy rooms. The elements fit perfectly into the ambiance of the rooms in terms of design and structure and create a pleasant atmosphere in their function. Schallmeister installed Suspended Baffle PET and Flat Panel VMT, taking advantage of VMT customization to print the KRAFTAUE signage into a large panel.

"In the application of our rehabilitation measures as well as in endurance and strength training, rest, focus and attention are important aspects that play a major role in the targeted training success of our customers. When it comes to acoustics, we had to find a solution that was uncomplicated and efficient, and integrated harmoniously into our concept. With the professional advice of Schallmeister and the high-quality acoustic elements from Vicoustic, we have been able to realize exactly that. The installation by Schallmeister went quickly and reliable and we are happy about the newly gained atmosphere in our KRAFTKAUE every day."
— Dominik Schulte Sasse, owner of KRAFTKAUE Therapie & Athletik Physiotherapeutengemeinschaft

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