Generative acoustics at LAUDA offices

Generative acoustics at LAUDA offices

The main HQ of LAUDA Central Europe renovated its large working spaces with acoustic solutions, including the latest GEN_VMT.

"The sound in our rooms is now much more controlled, leading to a relaxed ambience for everyone in every room", says Guy Balbaert, Business Development Director at LAUDA Central Europe, after the Polish company renovated it's office, with acoustic treatment by Vicoustic, including the latest GEN-VMT collection.

"What we loved about the Vicoustic products is that there is a solution for every frequency issues, the installation is quick and easy and lots of standard products are aesthetically very pleasing and contemporary. Ideal for our new location", says Guy. The building covers a multitude of large spaces with high ceilings, mainly concrete walls and lots of glass. You can imagine the acoustic issues that needed to be solved. In phase one of the acoustic treatment project, the focus was mainly on the communal areas of the office and the conference room, that they "lovingly call the fish bowl (bleu) and the confession room (brown)". The larger conference room was also equipped with Vicoustic products.

"This is the brain & heart project of CEO Adam Adamowicz and he was immediately inspired by the Vicoustic approach to combine acoustic solutions with beauty. It elevates the architect design to yet another level. We can’t wait to start with the demo rooms downstairs and the upstairs offices", says the Business Development Director. LAUDA Central Europe works as a distribution hub for many A-brands in the Musical Instruments and Professional AV market in the Central European region.

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