Prase Training Room

Prase Training Room

Prase Media Technologies training classroom was developed for meetings and videoconferencing with proper acoustic conditions, showcasing also the VicBooth Ultra sound insulations qualities.

Videoconferences with propper acoustics

Vicoustic was approached in order to recommend solutions for the acoustic treatment of an office room within Prase Media Technologies facilities. This space is used for meetings and training events, mostly via video conferencing. For this reason, achieving proper acoustic conditions within this office space is of major importance.

Custom panels with brand logo

Vicoustic has proposed the use of sound-absorbing elements, which control the reflections by taking energy from them and, consequently, the RT within the room, namely:

  • Flat Panel VMT 40 mm on the ceiling, as a replacement of the existing reflective ceiling tiles, while tiles with lighting elements, loudspeakers, microphones remain as they were installed.
  • Vixagon VMT 20 mm throughout the room’s walls. Key to the company's interest was to have its brand signage in the room, which was achieved using Vixagon VMT Custom graphics with Prase's logo and colors.

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