Vicoustic VMT Technology is the new 4-in-1 solution for future buildings

Vicoustic VMT Technology is the new 4-in-1 solution for future buildings

In today’s challenging construction and interior design environment with the urgent need for better energy efficiency, often requested unique-per-client solutions, the need for improved well-being and not least the need for sustainable and recyclable material choices, Vicoustic VMT stands out as the perfect solution. 

The Virtual Material Technology (VMT) is a turnkey 4-in-1 solution for architects, acoustic consultants and interior designers. This state-of-the-art range of wall and ceiling panels as well as suspended elements was developed by Vicoustic as the new industry standard for the buildings of the future.

The VMT technology simultaneously deals with the following four aspects:

1. VMT helps increase energy efficiency in a building.

The thermal properties of VMT make it a good choice to optimize energy efficiency inside a building, offering reduced energy consumption when installed in suitable volumes.

2. VMT is an easy way to create endless new, exciting designs.

Thanks to an innovative dyeing technology, VMT panels can be printed with images or colors using dye-sublimation. No glue or fabric is used in the process. It allows easy customization, making it possible in each project to print any unique design / pattern, including company signages or logos. In addition, Vicoustic offers a wide range of patterns such as concrete, marble, wood and other materials, achieving an amazing and realistic look of other materials at far less price and with unique properties.

3. VMT improves the acoustics in any room.

The VMT panels are additionally designed to perform as sound absorbers primarily in the medium and high frequencies, controlling reverberation time and echoes in any room. Perfect for restaurants, offices, public or residential spaces, etc. This allows an improved sound environment and better well-being in any space equipped with VMT. 

4. VMT makes rooms greener by being made out of sustainable and recyclable materials.

VMT is produced from VicPET Wool, a unique material produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles. The products are 100% recyclable at end of life as no glue or fabric is being used. The VMT family has been certified for Indoor Advantage™ Gold Building Materials, by SCS Global Services, meaning they conform to the high standards recommended for school classrooms and offices.

VMT contributes to credits in LEED, WELL, RESET, BREAM and other green building rating systems, making them top considerations for architects and designers. 

In the age of green and eco-friendly solutions, Vicoustic continues to innovate, by following its motto: Perfecting Acoustics Sustainably. 

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