Home Design Acoustic Treatment

Home Design Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment of a three-storey single-family house with Vicoustic's luxury panels.

Acoustics fits into the home design

SuperSound presented by Angel Angelov and Acoustic Force carried out a joint challenging and ambitious project in Bulgaria. They developed acoustic treatment of a three-storey single-family house with VMT acoustic solutions. A private client contacted the Acoustic Force team to design and install acoustic panels in a three-story detached house.

 The family complained of impulsive and annoying constant noise throughout the house. "When the children of the family play, they can hear their shouting and jumping echoes throughout the house."

Solving acoustic issues step by step

The first step was to find an acoustic solution without changing the interior design of the premises. For this reason, the panels had to be discreet and fit into the interior without being an accent. Thanks to the thorough inspection and specialized measurements, the team estimated the time for attenuation of sound energy in each room. The measurements were essential for the selection and number of acoustic panels.

First, acoustic panels were placed in two rooms so that our client could hear and feel the difference. After the installed panels met the expectations, a second part of acoustic treatment was made for the other 5 rooms. The acoustic products used were Vixagon VMT mini, Flat Panel VMT and GEN_VMT PENRAY Cloud and Tiles. The acoustic force team installed the acoustic panels within a few days, and the installation was dust-free, so the owners could live in the house while it was being done.

Family happy and calm

A week after the completion of the project, the owner called and told the team that: "he now feels his house as a real home, not as a cave". This project was developed by SuperSound Bulgaria and by the Acoustic Force team.

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