Sustainable office

Sustainable office

An envision of sustainable workspaces settings using wood-like VicStrip slat panels, albeit wood-free.

A future office can be sustainable and wood-free, whilst keeping a wood pattern. VicStrip wood-free slat panel was developed by Vicoustic to be suitable for interior spaces such as offices, receptions, and other workspace venues.

How can a slat panel be free of wood? What makes VicStrip an outlier among slat panels is its innovative Laminated PET with a wood look, but without real wood, making it more sustainable, flexible and lightweight.

Following the advance in VicPET Wool technology as an acoustic solution, Vicoustic developed VicStrip for walls or ceilings with the outstanding innovation of being produced from sustainable recycled materials.

The natural wood strip look is given by a layer of laminate industrially bonded to the PET, making it a lightweight and easy-to-apply alternative to common slat wall panels.

One of the added values of VicStrip is its flexibility to be used on curved surfaces, as exemplified in one of the pictures.

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