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VicBooth Office
Focus Cube
Acoustic booth for focus work

VicBooth Office Focus Cube Acoustic booth for focus work

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Color: Natural Oak

It is frequently challenging to focus on a demanding activity in today’s workplace without being interrupted, either by emails, phone calls, or other distractions in the office. Therefore, finding a suitable spot to work for an hour or two in a job that needs your concentration can be a challenge.

Not anymore. VicBooth Office is suitable for working isolated from outside interference, using accessories such as desks designed to fit the structure. Resembling a cube, this 2 × 2 m booth is a solution that can be used for occasional focus work activities that require concentration and privacy.

This 2 x 2 m Booth includes: 

  • 1 Door with Window
  • 3 Sides with Large Window
  • 4 Standard Sides
  • 2 Silent Ventilation Units
  • 1 Power Strip / USB Charger

Please visit our online configurator for other configurations. 


2076 x 2030 x 2277 mm

Acoustic Performance

Class B enclosure (ISO 23351-1)


MDF.HLS, MDF with laminate and VicPET Wool

Care Instructions

Clean with a damp cloth.
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