Custom Design

Vicoustic can produce any color, pattern or shape that customers need for their space.

Personalized for your needs

Vicoustic is able to produce acoustic panels in any color, pattern, design or shape that you need for your space. Through the use of an innovative dyeing technology in VMT (Virtual Material Technology), it's possible to replicate many kinds of images or surfaces in a high performance acoustic solution.

Request a Custom Product

Print your Logo

If you are looking to print your Company Logo into a wall, a particular image or a specific color, with the added benefit of having acoustic treatment, this is the solution that best fits you. This ability to tailor Vicoustic panels and acoustic solutions to your specific needs means that you never have to compromise a space to install acoustic management.

Integrate light and sound

You can even integrate light within the VMT panels, having it used with your own branding signature, or have a sound source behind the panel, which wouldn't be possible in other kind of materials. 

Have an acoustic project designed for you

To have a personalized or customized panel, please request your project to Vicoustic's Designers and Acousticians team.

Vicoustic continuously strives to combine excellent performance, using leading technologies, with robust, beautiful design to ensure that we deliver the best products to our customers. When you align this with our efficient distribution system and expert Project Team, you are sure to get acoustic solutions that work for you.

Over the years, Vicoustic has invested and developed new facilities, equipment and coating systems that enable us to respond more quickly and efficiently to custom and bespoke projects.