Conditions for Warranty

Vicoustic products undergo strict quality and shipping control protocols to ensure that they reach our customers in perfect condition. In the event that your product develops a fault, please contact us.

The company Visound Acústica SA. assures, under the normal operational conditions of the product, a warranty valid for a period of 3 years starting from the date of purchase of the product, under the following conditions:

1 - Our warranty only covers problems caused by material or manufacturing defects on products used appropriately by the customer. The company ensures adequate customer service and provides the rectification of these defects or replacements for the products it manufactures, sells and distributes during the warranty period.

2 - Replacements that take place after the purchase date and during the warranty period specified above will not be charged to the client, as long as the detected fault has to do with errors and/or defects in the manufacturing process, under the user’s normal use.

3 - The following are excluded from our warranty: misuse or inappropriate use; transportation damage; failure to comply with the installation/assembly instructions or with the maintenance and safety regulations; exposure of the product to excessive humidity or high temperatures; damages caused by impact or falling; and aging. Also excluded are repairs executed by a person or firm that is not an authorized Vicoustic representative.

4 - To claim this warranty, the customer shall use, operate and test the product, abiding by the recommendations listed in the installation procedures, and normal use conditions stated on the Installation Manual and Product Info sheet, on our website (shop.vicoustic.com).

5 - The customer must report the anomaly to Vicoustic, with a detailed description of the nature of the problem in as much detail as possible, complemented by eligible photographs. The corresponding receipt/invoice that specifies the product and the sale date should always be submitted to assign the warranty validity.

6 - This warranty does not cover differences between samples, promotional photographs or render models and the actual product. It also does not cover deviations between product’s sizes or colors, particularly between different batches, under acceptable tolerances.

We can offer a chargeable repair or replacement service for any defects that are not covered by the scope of this warranty, or that are no longer covered. To use this service, please contact us.