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GEN_VMT Penray 01 Panels

GEN_VMT Penray 01 Panels

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Color: Moss Green

From the GEN_VMT collection, winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020, PENRAY 01 Panels are an outstanding solution to fill out large surfaces.

Formed by three different modules, the combinations are genuinely boundless. Functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics are all combined to generate a remarkable acoustic panel, made from VicPET Wool, a high-performance material predominantly developed from recycled plastic bottles.

GEN_VMT Penray 01 Panels come in 6 units per box, which include 2 units of the flat shape, 2 units of the intermediate embossed shape, and 2 units of the shape with more relief details. Each tile fills an area of 0.31m2 and the 6 units fill 1.86m2.

/ Premium high-density VicPET Wool
/ High Performance in medium and high frequencies
/ Certified with Indoor Advantage™ Gold Building Materials, by SCS Global Services
/ Lightweight
/ Easy to install
/ Easy to clean and maintain


600 x 705 x 20 mm / 23.6" x 27.8" x 0.8"
BOX: 850 x 700 x 110 mm / 33.5" x 27.6" x 4.3"


VicPET Wool

Fire Rate

Euroclass C s2, d0


Care Instructions

Very easy to clean and maintain. To clean use only a damp cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.
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Red Dot Award

The GEN_VMT Collection won the Red Dot Award 2020 for
Outstanding Design Quality


In this exploratory work, we were looking for a shape grammar that allows generating endless combinations of single or double main shapes. Besides this main approach, we add a new layer of complexity, the ice-ray recursive pattern.

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