VicStrip at Office Meeting Rooms

VicStrip at Office Meeting Rooms

VicStrip, ViCloud and Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels were the solutions used for acoustic treatment of two meeting rooms at Leroy Merlin's offices in Lisbon, in a project designed by Vicoustic's team of acousticians.

For the acoustic treatment of the Artens Meeting Room, Vicoustic proposed to apply to the walls Flat Panel VMT with the VicSpacer Plus accessory and VicStrip as sound-absorbing elements that will control sound reflections. 

With a high ceiling, the Artens room was also treated with Flat Panel VMT panels applied inside the ceiling and wall cavities, and ViCloud VMT Flat absorbing elements were suspended from the ceiling.

The Management Meeting Room, on the other hand, required a different acoustic treatment. Vicoustic proposed Flat Panel VMT and VicStrip panels applied to the walls and ceiling to help control reverberation time within these rooms.

The solutions presented here contribute to a considerable reduction in the reverberation time within these meeting rooms and, achieving the appropriate acoustic conditions within these spaces.

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