About us

Vicoustic is a Portuguese brand of reference in the development of acoustic solutions. Founded in 2007 with the aim of filling a gap in the market: acoustic products with a pleasant design, it quickly became the preferred brand of acoustic treatment for music producers, sound engineers and musicians, currently being present in more than 70 countries.

With the know-how of this demanding market, Vicoustic began to develop acoustic solutions for other spaces, such as concert halls, large arenas, churches and other public spaces. Vicoustic products provide intelligent and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding spaces, adapting to the design and architecture of each space.

The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions for acoustic treatment to meet the demands of interior spaces that require a sophisticated soundscape. Taking on board the high standards of our customers, we continuously strive to manufacture products of superior functionality, and adaptability, whilst keeping a sustainable and environmentally conscious mindset.