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VicBooth Office
Focus Cube
Acoustic booth for focus work

VicBooth Office Focus Cube Acoustic booth for focus work

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Color: Natural Oak

It is frequently challenging to focus on a demanding activity in today’s workplace without being interrupted, either by emails, phone calls, or other distractions in the office. Therefore, finding a suitable spot to work for an hour or two in a job that needs your concentration can be a challenge.

Not anymore. VicBooth Office is suitable for working isolated from outside interference, using accessories such as desks designed to fit the structure. Resembling a cube, this 2 × 2 m booth is a solution that can be used for occasional focus work activities that require concentration and privacy.

This 2 x 2 m Booth includes: 

  • 1 Door with Window
  • 3 Sides with Large Window
  • 4 Standard Sides
  • 2 Silent Ventilation Units
  • 1 Power Strip / USB Charger

Please visit our online configurator for other configurations. 


2076 x 2030 x 2277 mm

Acoustic Performance

Class B enclosure (ISO 23351-1)


MDF.HLS, MDF with laminate and VicPET Wool

Care Instructions

Clean with a damp cloth.
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Please notice that the dimensions of these panels have a tolerance of +/- 2mm. A slight color variation may occur between different batches. The product images used are illustrative and may differ from the actual product. Do not apply VMT panels behind radiators or too close to a heat source.