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Flat Panel VMT
Acoustic Panel in solid colors

Flat Panel VMT Acoustic Panel in solid colors

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Color: Black
Size: 59.5 x 59.5 x 2 cm

Custom design or color

Order sample kit Flat Panel VMT
Order sample kit Flat Panel VMT

Flat Panel VMT is a decorative acoustic panel made from VicPET Wool - a material produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles

These acoustic panels:

  • Help increase energy efficiency in a building 
  • Are certified with Indoor Advantage™ Gold Building Materials, by SCS Global Services
  • Are an easy way to create endless new exciting designs
  • Improve the acoustics in any room
  • Make rooms greener by being made out of sustainable and recyclable materials

With innovative dyeing technology, Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels come in different colors and patterns that can simulate concrete, marble, wood, natural stones, and other materials, achieving an amazing and realistic look in any setting. The applications for Flat Panel VMT are infinite, making it the ideal sound absorber acoustic panel for both new construction and refurbishment projects.


595 x 595 x 20 mm / 23.4'' x 23.4'' x 0.8''
| 1190 x 595 x 20 mm / 46.8'' x 23.4'' x 0.8''
BOX: 665 x 690 x 105 mm / 26.2'' x 27.2'' x 4.1''
| 1290 x 665 x 105 mm / 50.8'' x 26.2'' x 4.1''

Acoustic Performance

Medium and High Frequencies Absorption
NRC: 0.55


VicPET Wool


Care Instructions

Very easy to clean and maintain. To clean use only a damp cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.

Fire Rating

Euroclass B - s2, d0
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