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Flexi Glue Ultra
Adhesive HT glue for panel fixation

Flexi Glue Ultra Adhesive HT glue for panel fixation

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Vicoustic’s Flexi Glue Ultra is designed for use with a variety of materials. Its chemical composition is non-aggressive, and therefore certified in accordance with the most recent European legislation, allowing Flexi Glue Ultra to be used in any environment.

Flexi Glue Ultra was designed in collaboration with leading chemical industry professionals. Testing has revealed excellent strength and versatility when applied to a range of materials.

Preparation: The surfaces to be bonded must be dry, clean, and free of dust and grease. Bonding: Apply the adhesive evenly with hand or pressure guns on the surfaces to be bonded. Join them immediately. The layer thickness depends on the consistency of the materials to be bonded. Unilateral application is possible. In this case, join the parts before the formation of a skin on the surface of the adhesive layer. Press well. Make sure that both surfaces are well-wetted.

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