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Vixagon VMT Collections
Decorative acoustic tiles

Vixagon VMT Collections Decorative acoustic tiles

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Custom design or color

Order sample kit Flat Panel VMT
Order sample kit Flat Panel VMT

Hexagonal acoustic panel collections in 4 colors or patterns

Introducing three new collections to our well-known Vixagon VMT, the hexagonal-shaped acoustic panel. Having 4 different colors or patterns in the same box will help to have more design versatility, allowing the creation of endless shapes on walls and Ceilings.

Made with recycled sound-absorbing materials, the Vixagon is designed to enhance the acoustics of any space while adding a stylish touch to the decor.

The Vixagon VMT Collections are packed in a really innovative way: we are using the same material as the product itself as packaging material. This will give the bonus of having extra Diamond shapes that can be used in conjunction with your Vixagon to create your artwork. These new versions of the Vixagon VMT come in boxes of 12 units.


350 x 303 x 20 mm

Acoustic Performance

Medium and High Frequencies Absorption
NRC: 0.55


VicPET Wool


Care Instructions

Very easy to clean and maintain. To clean use only a damp cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.

Fire Rating

Euroclass B - s2, d0
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